Top Radio Stations in Ontario

Top Radio Stations in Ontario

Music is the way of life. Even with the revolution of the Internet and YouTube, still radio reigns as the largest broadcast of music around the world. Go to any corner of the world and you may miss Internet connectivity but you will not miss radio stations. All of us like listening to radio, maybe when stuck in traffic in the Toronto city streets or when stressed up and lying somewhere. In Ontario, there are numerous radio stations that you can tune on to listen to your favorite music or program including even satellite and Internet radio. But there are very few stations that offer the quality of broadcasting, the music and programs of a modern society. The following are some of the top radio stations in Ontario:

Boom 97.3 FM

There are not many radio stations today who broadcast music from the old golden days than Boom 97.3 FM. The station will take you back with wonderful music. If you are a fan of easy and classic music of the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s then the station is for you. The good thing about the station that it does not disturb its radio airplay constantly, it makes sure that you have listened t your music to the fullest. Certainly it has top notch daily programs are full of musical and daily knowledge to keep up with you when music bores you.


If you are a fan of live video radio then MuchMusic is the place for you. The only thing you need to do is date yourself to their studios and you will have the day of your life. The radio concentrates in sessions of reality, talk shows, and even comedy. Do not give yet since there is also music, a lot of it. The radio is popular spot for young people and even the old as great musicians from Canada visits from time to time. If you are looking to finish your day with likeminded people and in between great music then MuchMusic is the answer.

Top Radio Stations in Ontario


I got a lift one day from a friend of mine and the music from the car radio station just caught my eye. Since then, Indie88 has been a revelation. If you are into so off-brand indie music and a lot of mashups, then Indie88 will give you the real deal. The station broadcasts a lot of indie and rock music with its in house DJs mixing the most recent and old gem rock music. The station also has awesome talk show segments and programs that are full of music education. It is not any station to come by, but it offers the juice of indie.

The Edge 102.1

The Edge has huge following and history in Ontario. The station has gone through a lot of changes and developments but be assured that it has had best days. The station programming is headed by the best people in business and its music top notch. It specializes in rock, indie, and even pop music and had top musicians as guests to most of its programs.