Canadian Radio

Canadian Radio

Since the inception of the radio, it has gone through a long way of evolution and development. Today, the radio is sophisticated and diverse. In every society that the radio has entered into, it has changed and created a communication revolution. Today, the radio is the most broadcasted mode of communication that has spanned most of the world languages and locations. In Canada alone there are several radio stations and broadcasting programs reaching large numbers. It has reached millions of people in Canada and around the world. Indeed, radio stations offer the most convenient and easiest way for entertainment and news broadcasting. There are many ways you can access radio in Canada. Currently, Canada radio can be accessed even without radio sets as Smartphone technology and the Internet offers alternatives. Ideally, there are many categories of radio you can access in Canada. The following are some of the categories of Canadian radio:

National Radio

National radio in Canada is among the largest radio stations in the country and is broadcasted all over the nation. Canadian national radios are only available in Canada and are broadcasted to every corner of the country. National radios are either commercial independent broadcasts or government controlled radio or state force. Broadcasted in FM frequencies, national radios attract the largest number of listeners. An example of national radio in Canada, is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio which broadcasts in every city and town in the country.

Canadian Radio

Local and Regional Radio

This type of radio stations are broadcasted in smaller regional areas and have fewer listeners. Even the quality of the stations is lower and is commonly found in local areas like towns, cities, local centers and even in institutions like universities. Most of the news and programs are customized for local listeners and culture.

Satellite Radio

These types of radios transmit signals using antennas and are broadcasted through the satellite. The principles of their broadcast are similar to the one that is used in cable TV. They are able to reach a wider area of listeners and produce the best quality of sound and programs. But people using traditional analog and digital radios cannot be able to listen to this radio. Satellite radio is popular in Canada especially among educational institutions and other large organization.

Non-Profit Radio

These are independent and small stations set up by non-profit organizations or communities. They are broadcast in small areas. They are set up to offer certain information to listeners or to propel careers of little known musicians and other professionals. They are very unpopular.


Internet Radio

The Internet has led to the inventions of some of the most wonderful and useful things in the world and one of it are Internet radio. Internet radio is broadcasted through the Internet and does not use radio waves or even satellite signals. Today, there is quite a variety of them online and their audience is huge. The Internet has made almost anyone to make an Internet station and broadcast it all day long. Hence there are so many low quality stations and programs.Continue Reading